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    Saturday, March 9th, 2013
    12:48 pm
    During the war
    Ed an Al had left a while ago, heading onto the battlefield to protect their family and new home. Winry had done her best to keep a brave face on, knowing that they would not be seeing the worst of the fight, but it was hard. She'd learned at a young age that even those not in the thick of battle would still be claimed by war, and it wasn't an easy lesson to forget.

    Much as she wished she could, sometimes.

    Winry retreated to the small bedroom of their temporary living quarters, making the excuse of wanting to get a little more rest. Curled up on the bed, her mind went in circles around what might be going on down there, what could go wrong, and she couldn't stop it. Her brothers were fighting a war and all she could do was wait.
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